About Us

The Huon Domestic Violence Services works with any one affected by family violence in the Huon Valley.

Workers are available Monday- Friday 9 am- 4.30 pm

Contact 000 if it is an emergency

Workers are able to meet at safe and convenient venues throughout the Huon Valley.

No appointments or referrals necessary to speak with someone or to book a time

phone 62 642 222 or email huondv@netspace.net.au

Huon Domestic Violence is a free and confidential service that provides support and help with;

  • Accurate information that will assist you to make the choice that best suits you
  • The court process
  • Getting legal advice
  • Family violence orders
  • Finding a safe place to stay
  • Government departments such as Housing Connect
  • Transport
  • Other service referrals
  • Short and long term recovery support
  • Specialist counselling for children and young people

Our philosophy and mission

The Huon Domestic Violence Service operates from a framework and practice that ensures that all clients of the Centre are treated with respect, dignity and equity.  The work we do is guided by the following beliefs:

  • Domestic violence is neither justifiable nor acceptable.
  • The structural and cultural values of this society give power to men; therefore women are most likely to be the victims of domestic violence.
  • Perpetrators of domestic violence must take responsibility for their actions.
  • Domestic Violence is not a private matter, it is a community concern.
  • The safety of women and children is a vital consideration and should be of primary consideration at all times.

Client Charter

We will:

  • Help keep you and your children safe
  • Support you in all planning and decision making
  • Ensure that all your information and written records are kept safe and confidential
  • Act with honesty and respect toward you
  • Provide you with accurate information
  • Refer you to services to help meet your needs and your children’s needs
  • Provide face to face or telephone contact with you at the earliest     possible time, and within the operating hours of the service

Client information is not disclosed to anyone outside of the service without the consent of the client EXCEPT:

  • If the safety or well-being of the client, the client’s children, or the worker is at risk
  • If a worker believes that a client is at risk of endangering herself or someone else
  • If disclosure is required under the Tasmanian Government Legislation
  • Case notes are subpoenaed by the courts

Clients of the Huon Domestic Violence Service have the following rights;

  • Confidentiality of written and verbal information except for instances described under disclosure on opposite page, or if permission is given by the client to share certain information with other services
  • To say ‘no’ to any service offered or recommended by support workers
  • To complain about the service you are receiving and to have complaints dealt with fairly and promptly

Client Responsibilities

Let the service know if you are unable to keep an appointment

  • Follow through with tasks you have agreed to do (if possible)
  • Take responsibility for decisions you make and the result of those decisions
  • Maintain confidentiality of the identity of staff and other clients

Privacy and confidentiality 

The Huon Domestic Violence Service maintains the privacy and confidentiality of clients accessing the service, recognising that this is particularily important in rural areas.

Client information and written records are kept in a safe secure place.

Tell us how we are doing

As part of the continuous improvement process of our organisation we seek feedback from the people who use our services. If something happens that you like or do not like about our services please let us know. We will ensure your concerns are heard. You can tell us in a way that suits you.