Huon Safe Space- Counselling and Support for Children and Young People

In Tasmania, family/domestic violence is considered to be a form of child abuse under Child Protection Legislation.

A child who sees, or hears, or is living with constant tension and fear of family violence is powerless to stop what is happening.

The effects of domestic violence on children and young people can be very damaging and may be life long.

The Huon Safe Space is a counselling service specifically for children and young people who have been exposed to family violence.

The program provides children and young people with a safe environment to express their thoughts and feelings in relation to their experiences.

The  Huon Safe Space Counsellor delivers age – appropriate counselling methods, with a focus on sessions being safe and fun.

Who can access the Safe Space program?

Children and young people ages 4 to 17 years residing in the Huon valley, who have witnessed or lived with family violence in the past, but who are now living in safe, stable environments.

Where is Huon Safe Space?

The Huon Safe Space Counsellor can meet children and young people in a friendly venue in the Huon Valley at a place and time that bests suits the child/young person.

What about confidentiality at Safe Space?

Generally, the Huon Safe Space counsellor is required to keep what is spoken about during counselling confidential.

The Huon Safe Space counsellor is mandated by the Tasmanian Government to report child abuse.